Brandi Rose

By the time Brandi Rose was old enough to recognize the importance of music, her biggest influence was pretty much done. Thankfully, Ms. Lauryn Hill left behind a couple records with The Fugees and her timeless, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. It was all of the above that led Brandi Rose towards embracing the beauty of not only R&B, but her own voice. Combining her love of R&B with soul, blues, and even some hip-hop, she was able to create a style that has elevated her sound on all levels; from her 2017 debut, Road of Mine, to her performances throughout California.

Brandi Rose has entertained at almost every festival under the sun. In case one wanted to keep tabs: the Orange County Fair, Ventura County Fair, Santa Maria Fair, Santa Barbara Fair, San Diego Fair, Santa Barbara County Bowl, Carpinteria Avocado Festival, the Goleta Valley Lemon Festival and more. On top of her elaborate festival shows, Brandi Rose has also shared the bill with two legendary Grammy-winners. Firstly, her modern R&B mixture won over Peter Frampton's fans at the Lobero Theatre. Lightning struck twice as she did the same opening for Don Henley at the Santa Barbara Bowl. It doesn't get any bigger than the Bowl for a Santa Barbara native!

Being the hometown girl wasn't what audiences connected to though. It was the dynamic storytelling within her performances. Each song allows listeners to take a deeper step into her world. She's both personal and universal in songs such as "Lost Soul" and "Get It, Got It, Good." The former takes fans inside the world of addiction via her brother, while the latter has a more well-known message. "This song is me listening to my own advice, which is stop worrying, failure is okay, and we all have our own journey we are on so be patient. Being a perfectionist like myself, it’s hard to shut your mind off when things don't go as planned. I often worry too much, second guess, and have self-doubt because of it."

With knowledge that many three times her age have yet to take in, Brandi Rose notes that she likes to drop gems of wisdom in her music, but most of all she hopes the idea of all-around love comes through. "Self-love, share love and be love." It’s a mantra, a motto, and a way of life for this emerging artist as she works to be not only a positive role model in music, but in her community by investing herself and time in various nonprofit organizations including Peacebuilders, No Kid Hungry, Every 15 Minutes, What is Love and Notes for Notes.

The obvious goals are inside her, but the overall goal is to leave this world better than she found it. "I want to do my part in making the world accept and love a little more. I want to reach as many souls as I can with my words and my voice."

With a voice that has won the respect and praise from the likes of Frampton and Henley, as well as audiences up and down the west coast - one can expect Brandi Rose to be a household and worldwide name in due time. 

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