Brandi Rose

Growing up Brandi’s innermost circle knew the struggles she endured with bullying and family conflicts. These personal experiences brought her emotionally to tremendous lows and sent her, at times, into acute pain and despair. And perhaps this is the exact reason, at a mere 20-years-old, she sings with a depth of soul that feels like it's sent directly from the heavens.

She has performed with two legendary Grammy-winners, opening for both Peter Frampton at the Lobero Theatre and for Don Henley at the Santa Barbara Bowl. Additionally, she has entertained at numerous festivals, including the Orange County Fair  Santa Barbara Fair, San Diego Fair, Santa Barbara County Bowl, Carpinteria Avocado Festival, and the Goleta Valley Lemon Festival, just to name a few.

Brandi Rose is, without a doubt, a unique artist with an unparalleled style all her own. She combines Pop, Soul, blues, R&B and even some hip-hop. Audiences feel a connection to her incredible way of telling a story. Her songs allow listeners to take a deeper look into her world, while taking away powerful messages of love, hope and change.

"Self-love, share love, be love." It’s a mantra, a motto, and a way of life for this emerging artist. Walking her talk, she has also spent countless hours in her community by investing herself in various nonprofit organizations over the years, including AHA!Peacebuilders, Girls Rock, No Kid Hungry, Every 15 Minutes, What is Love and Notes for Notes.

Brandi plans on leaving this world better than she found it. "I want to do my part in making the world accept and love a little more," she tenderly states.

No doubt, she will do just that. And leave an incredible mark on the walls of music history while she's at it.

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